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Vacuum Butt Therapy

Vacuum Therapy for Buttocks Houston


Did you know you could have a tighter, lifted, more sculpted butt, without butt implants, Brazillian butt lift surgery, injections, pain free, and with zero downtime?  Try Vacuum Butt Therapy with iBeautyworks, as this may be the solution you've been waiting for.  It's FDA approved, and clinically proven to give you excellent results.  It is a lot cheaper than surgical procedures and you WILL see results, even after the first treatment. In addition to a rounder, firmer buttocks, our clients see reductions and some have totally seen cellulite disappear completely. 



Butt Enhancement Vacuum Therapy uses a suction cup technology that breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits that cause dimpled and lumpy skin, and shifts pliable fat, for a more attractive buttock shape.  Excess fat is then broken down by the body’s natural process through the lymphatic system.  BEV technology stimulates the muscles, simulating exercise, without actually exercising, or sweating.  10 minutes of BEV is equivalent to 60 minutes of cardio.  It typically takes 45-60 minutes a session, depending on the size of the area. We recommend 3-6 sessions for maximum results. 

Key Benefits Include

  • lifts your buttocks by up to 70%
  • Instant results
  • No surgery
  • No Pain
  • No Down time
  • Enhanced body tone and shape
  • No anestetic
  • No side effects
  • Dreases Muscle Tension 
  • Restores Natural Elasticity of the Skin
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Excellent for Cellulite 
  • Tightens and Tones Skin


BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW and forget about spending a ton of money, going under the knife, or dealing with painful injections.


Disclaimer:  Results may vary from person to person