Non Invasive Body Contouring –

body contouring training made simple and easy

We teach you how to get PAID through Non-Invasive Body Contouring.

This concentrated fat cavitation preparation will take you through a top to bottom comprehension of how the techniques work and how to consolidate fat cavitation with radiofrequency to lessen cellulite, fix skin, and upgrade results.

Why Start A Body Contouring Business?

Control Your Time

Schedule your clients around your schedule so you can keep your day job if you want and spend more time with your family.

Low Startup Cost

Body Contouring is a low startup, high return business.  There is also a low overhead cost because you can start your business at your home or travel to your customer. 

Repeat Customer Business Model 

Offer maintenance packages to your customers to keep them coming back, increasing your bottom line and reducing the pressure of always needing to find new customers.

  • Conceptual knowledge 
  • Procedural knowledge 
  • Active hands on training
  • Much Much More.....

"The hands on training made all of the difference in the world"

"This class was very informative, I've taken other courses but this one actually made me feel confident"

"The class was fun, had good information, also good advise on the business side as well" 


**You Will Receive** 

Cavitation Machine with supply kit.

Certification of Completion

Wood Therapy Kit

Client Consent Forms 

Digital Body Contouring Marketing Strategy 

Lifetime Support