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Microblading Training Course

You can earn EARN EXTRA INCOME from one of the hottest beauty trends in the country, MICROBLADING!!  And guess what?  You can learn microblading even if you’ve never been in the beauty industry AND you don’t have to be an artist to learn to draw perfectly shaped brows!!  We teach you everything you need to know. 

Hairstylist, estatician, stay at home moms, and anyone wanting to learn this amazing skill is encourage to sign up for our training course.  Get top quality, in-depth instruction, knowledge, and hands on training from some of the most passionate microblading instructors in Houston, Texas. 


Most of our students have went on to make 2k to 3k a week.  It’s really up to you!  Be your own boss or just make a little money on the side.  Make your clients happy by using the techniques we teach you to create natural looking brows.  Your success with microblading is our number one priority.  We work with your schedule and also arrange for one on one training sessions at a date that works for you if you are not able to make one of our scheduled class dates.

SIGN UP NOW to reserve your spot for our very SPECIAL PRICE of $1400.00 (for one day training, fully loaded kit included), a tiny investment for a skill that will pay you over and over again.   Make your money back with your first 4 clients!!  Reserve your seat today because this deal is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Spots are filling up fast, so don’t wait, use the links on this page to make your required $200.00, non-refundable deposit. 

Remaining balance is due on day of class via cashier’s check, money order, or cash.  (credit/debit, PayPal etc not accepted at door). 

Did you know you can take our Microblading Course for FREE!!!!  It’s simple, get 3 people to sign up, and your training is FREE. 



  • What is Microblading?
  • The importance of consent forms, liability release documents and how to use them.
  • State of Texas Tattoo Licensing Requirement
  • OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens/ Sanitation/Safety/How to avoid infections
  • How to setup your workspace for micro blading.
  • Knowing your equipment, proper use of tools and products (different types of blades - slant, curve, straight and how to use them properly,
  • Client Consultation (client expectation, needs, health, safety, etc.)
  • Reactions from medication and allergies
  • Structure of the face
  • Understand skin anatomy such as Skin tones, Fitzpatrick Skin Color Scale, age, texture
  • Color theory
  • How to correct, offset or cover up old tattoos
  • Lasting results
  • Observing clients health and safety throughout treatment
  • Long and short term aftercare for clients
  • Various Hair Stroke Patterns/Microblading Techniques (according to gender, men, women, ethnicity, trends)
  • Shading techniques such as Ombre and soft shading
  • How to Draw Picture perfect Brows (create stunning brows based on customers desires)
  • How to correct brows that are affected by medical issues, plucking, scars etc.)
  • Practice micro blading technique on artificial skin to gain more confidence and practice before performing on live model (measuring/brow mapping, shaping, strokes, and shading)


  • Live Model Training (watch trainer perform micro blading live, Student performs on live model after trainer observation)
  • Training Kit Included (enough supplies for your first 15-20 customers)
  • Free Templates provided to cover paperwork/waivers/consent etc.
  • Lifetime support from our trainers
  • Course study guide
  • Certificate of Completion at the end of training



This ticket covers the deposit to reserve your spot.  Deposit will go toward the full price of training.  Full price for option 1 is $1400.00, which includes microblading, with all items listed in bullet points.  This course is for students who are fast learners and those who absorb and retain information quickly and is a one day course.


This ticket covers your deposit to reserve your spot.  Deposit will go toward the full price of training.  Full price for option one is $1800.00, which includes microblading, with all items listed in bullet points.  This course is for students who want a slower pace and more hands-on practice to learn both skills.  With this option, the instructor goes in-depth a bit more on the listed topics above and is a 2 day class.

Please note deposits for training is non-refundable. Please call, email, or text if you have any questions or concerns about training.


You must check with your Department of Health in your State to find out what the requirements are to provide microblading services.  We will teach you about The State of Texas Requirements.  Students will be required to fill out terms of agreement form before class starts.