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iBeautyWorks Microblading


Are you ready to have stunning HOLLYWOOD perfect eyebrows!!  Wheather you have invisible eyebrows or nearly perfect brows, microblading may be the answer you’ve been waiting for!  This semi-permanent method uses pigment strokes to give you beautiful, natural looking, enhanced brows.


Results: The 2-part treatment consists of an initial session, followed by an enhancement session (4-6 weeks later; included in the price). Results can last up to 3 years!

Millions of women are taking advantage of this technique, so stop wasting time, reshaping your brows everyday.  Live more free and experience bolder, fuller eyebrows today.

Don't Sweat the Technique 

Microblading is a tattoo technique that can leaves your brows looking neat and natural, as opposed to those hideous, drawn on brows we’ve all seen on others, or maybe even on ourselves….YIKES!! 

We use “tattoo” loosely, as it is not a tattoo in the traditional sense, and is not done using a typical tattoo gun.  The tool used for microblading is manual, and looks more like an xacto knife, with a blade made up of 7 or more microneedles. 

Pigments are implanted in hair like strokes that look sharp, fresh and mimic natural hair.  Microblading is considered semi-permanent makeup and can last 1-3 years.  

The technique is very safe and pain is very minimal, it feels more like plucking, than a tattoo needle.  Although this technique is virtually painless, we still use numbing cream, so our clients will be even more comfortable with the procedure. 




The pigment does not smear or smudge even during exercising, sweating, bathing, swimming etc.  Pigments penetrate 3 layers of skin, versus 7 layers of skin like a traditional tattoo, but goes deep enough to allow you to be confident that your brows will stay looking exqusite and beautiful with virtually zero maintenance. 

Pigments used for microblading are organic and natural, and therefore does not change colors, but only loses saturation over time.  You can always come in for a touch up every so often if you desire. 


Microblading is especially helpful for those with certain types of skin conditions like alopecia, and those who experienced hair loss due to chemo.  The procedure is so natural, sharp and neat, it’s difficult to tell you’ve ever had it done.