Is Microblading a Good Idea Keeping the Pandemic in View? –

Is Microblading a Good Idea Keeping the Pandemic in View?

We have given more than two years of our lives to the coronavirus pandemic. Salons have struggled to stay afloat, and with lockdown restrictions, people have been unable to keep up with their scheduled touch-up appointments. However, the time during the lockdown was put to use by many salons on coming up with a more pandemic-friendly workaround.

Plucking your eyebrows can already be a struggle, but having to get them shaped and cleaned every two weeks can become challenging and near impossible, keeping the pandemic in perspective. That is not to say that other beauty procedures like microblading have not been difficult to maneuver. Rather, salons have had to figure out the safety and hygiene precautions, especially when it comes to touch-ups.

However, the way microblading eyebrows works is by ensuring that your eyebrows are presentable for a significant amount of time, so you don’t have to come in every so often. Microblading eyebrows is a great and effective alternative to getting your eyebrows done frequently, especially keeping the pandemic in mind.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique of enhancing the appearance of eyebrows, where the pigment of your choice is scratched onto the surface of your skin in short strokes, with a fine tip, so it resembles the hair-like texture and appearance.

Microblading eyebrows is basically an artist drawing feather-like strokes on the skin under your brows to add depth and dimension. For those who struggle with sparse eyebrows, this proves to be a great technique that works long term.

How does it work?

A technician uses extremely small blades to make hair-like strokes right above the dermis layer of your skin while depositing the pigment directly into the incisions that are being made. The small punctures allow for the pigment of your choice to penetrate your skin to give the illusion of fuller, darker, and well-groomed brows.

As this is a semi-permanent makeup technique that is on the top layer of your skin, microblading eyebrows will require touch-ups ranging from one in a few months to once in a year as the brows naturally fade over time.

How long does Microblading last?

As a semi-permanent procedure, microblading eyebrows can last from anywhere between 1 to 3 years. The benefit to this technique is that it is different than getting eyebrow tattoos, which is permanent, and you’re likely to never get a chance to experiment with different brow shapes with that.

However, microblading also depends on your skin type and desired look. People with oily skin might experience fading faster because the oil secretions might make it difficult for the pigment to stay. Regardless, you’re likely to need a touch-up in 6 months to a year for the first year of getting microblading done.

Microblading Eyebrows vs. Plucking/Shaping

Keeping your eyebrows in check is a struggle, especially during a pandemic. Plucking eyebrows can be considered an effective way to keep the hair in check. However, there is always the danger of you over-plucking and eventually ruining the shape of your eyebrows.

Shaping eyebrows without the assistance of a technician is almost near to impossible unless you are trained to do so. Aestheticians use different tools to map your face and create an eyebrow shape that is perfect for your face shape. However, shaping and using various techniques like threading, plucking, or waxing your eyebrows will only last for a little over 2 weeks.

Shaving your brow hairs at home might help you get away with getting rid of a few stray hairs, but the results will not last long. You’ll start to see a stubble or a shadow in the next day or so.

With the pandemic looming and little to no salons open for regular touch-ups, you’re likely to end up looking a bushy mess in a matter of a few months. Why do that when there are much better and longer-lasting alternatives available for you to explore?

This is where microblading eyebrows near me comes. If you want longer-lasting, beautifully shaped eyebrows microblading near me is your answer. Not only is this a superficial solution to sparse, over-plucked brows, but you can get away with having perfectly shaped brows for over six months to a year without a touch-up. This is almost like finding a cheat code during a game!

Even as microbladed eyebrows fade, they do so in a way that it does not look like a frazzled mess, so if you’re unable to get a touch-up, you’re still likely to feel more confident in your brows than you would have with other less permanent techniques.

Eyebrow Tattooing

There are other alternatives to microblading eyebrows near me. As previously discussed, eyebrow tattooing is also an extremely popular method of getting your brows to look and feel the same permanently. However, getting your eyebrows tattooed means you are likely not going to get a chance to change their shape if you end up wanting to.

 Microblading in the time of Covid

The coronavirus has halted many salons from doing procedures like microblading near me; however, as we get used to the new normal salons too have adjusted their procedures accordingly. There are strict measures taken to clean and sanitize the salon environment, they are open for lesser hours, and the number of appointments has reduced.

Every client is now required to follow the SOPs by wearing a mask, sanitizing their hands, and having their temperatures checked before entering the salon. No company is allowed to enter or made to wait in the car. Food or beverages have been strictly prohibited.